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Wines that Will Give You the Wine Bug: A Beginner’s Guide

Speak to any wine snob and they will most likely remember the bottle that did it for them. The bottle made them look up from their glass in bewilderment, thinking “Wow, what IS that?!”

Every wine snob has a wine that gave them the wine bug. The wine that transformed them from the person who shops for wine at their local grocery store to the person that seeks out their favorite boutique bottle shop. The wine that sent them down the rabbit hole, slowly becoming more fixated on maps, learning wine regions and buying decanters.

If your journey is just starting, if your bite is fresh, seek out these wines to further stoke your flame. 


Wines That Will Give You The Wine Bug

Loire Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is truly one of the white wine wonders of the world, capable of long ageing and incredible complexity.

The epicenter for the best Chenin in the world is undoubtedly the Loire Valley in northern France, specifically the regions of Vouvray, Montlouis-sur-Loire, Savennieres, and Anjou, to name a few.


For a classic bottle to whet your appetite, try anything from Domaine Huet in Vouvray.

Mosel Riesling



Quite possibly the most misunderstood white wine of them all, Riesling is actually one of the great white wines of the world and the Mosel is ground zero for some of Germany’s finest examples. If you can find a bottle with some age then go for it.

Yes, some sweetness is to be expected, but with the sweetness, expect beautifully refined acid that will leave your palate feeling exhilarated. Stewed apricots, lemon, honey, flint and so much more can be found in these wines that are sure to leave you with a new appreciation for Riesling.

Red and White Burgundy


Jane Eyre Savigny-Les-Beaune 1er Cru, Burgundy, France 2012

Burgundy is arguably the world’s most famous wine region, known for its red and white wines made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, respectively.

Burgundy is a big place that produces A LOT of wine, but the best wines come from the Côte d’Or, a region in the north of Burgundy made up of both the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune.

As a starter, try something with a Village designation, and if your wallet can stomach it, consider a Premier Cru or Grand Cru with some age. It’s worth it. 

Barolo or Barbaresco


Located in the heart of Piedmont in northwest Italy are the towns of Barolo and Barbaresco where red wines based on the Nebbiolo grape dazzle and thrill with their token aromatics of tar and roses.

These are wines for the pleasure seeker that age with the best and offer stunning complexity and undercurrents of aromas. It is often said that Barolo is the more masculine of the two, which really means you should try them both!


Chateau Langoa Barton, St. Julien, Bordeaux, France 2009

Quite possibly the most iconic of them all. The term ‘fine wine’ is almost synonymous with the wines of Bordeaux.

Although there is an astonishing amount of white wine made in Bordeaux, the region is really known for its reds, which are blends, typically dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.

Bordeaux is split by the Gironde River. Wines on the left bank are Cabernet Sauvignon dominant. Wines on the right bank are mostly Merlot dominant, often with significant amounts of Cabernet Franc in the mix.

Read the Bordeaux Classification of 1855 to learn more about these celebrated wines that are bound to give you the bug. 

How to Store Your Most Valuable Wines

Proper wine storage is absolutely essential, especially with your most valuable bottles. If you don’t have a wine refrigerator then seek out a cool, dark place where the temperature is relatively constant.

Avoid leaving your wines by a window as the sun's UV rays can damage your wine quickly. And for maximum longevity store your wines horizontally. 

Are You Looking to Expand Your Wine Palate?

Of course, the world of wine spans much further than the great wines of Europe. To further your wine exploration, seek out the great wines of the New World like Australia, New Zealand, and South AfricaThe United States and South America are home to world class wine regions that produce exceptional wines. 

To discover new, exciting wines try our monthly wine club where we explore the world of wine region by region and teach you about each place and its unique wines along the way.