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I've spent a large chunk of my life working in the hospitality industry, and another large chunk of my life traveling; learning about wine and discovering the joy of it's people and places. 

In the Spring of 2017, after spending four years as a wine bar manager at London's Vinoteca, I was fortunate enough to get a gig making wine in South Africa with Craig Wessels of Restless River (incredible wines that are unfortunately not yet exported to the United States). And then later on in the fall of that year, I was given another opportunity to work with Mark Haisma in the famed region of Burgundy, France. The experiences of making wine deepened my enthusiasm, but also educated me in ways that I am yet to find in a textbook.

I was hooked and the idea of Caves was born.

 A few years and a global pandemic later, I am now accompanied by my wife, fellow wine lover, and expert mixologist, Amy. 

Amy might be more passionate about wine than I am and her enthusiasm was a driving force to make Caves Wine Shop a reality.

We operate Caves entirely online as a place to share the amazing wines of the world that we have come to know and love. We hand select everything, representing winemakers who create meticulous, hand-crafted wines. The goal is to be a place to find wines you may have never heard of, while also seeing a few world class brands, sold at fair prices. We're a two person show and sometimes we can't compete with the big guys, but we will help you find exactly what you're looking for and, if you live in San Diego, drive the wine to your doorstep. So, that's something.

If you are on your own path of discovering wine then you are most likely going down the rabbit hole of mystery, confusion and discovery. It's an exciting place to be and one that we can help guide you down. Our educational sessions will be starting in 2022 where we will explore grapes, regions, and techniques. But the Caves Wine Club is probably the best way to be introduced to wines you most likely wouldn't choose or find in your local grocery store. We get to know what you like and deliver wines in a similar flavor profile to that - so there's no surprise bottle of something you hate, ever.

Get in touch and tell us what you're looking for! We are happy to suggest wines, connect on social media @caveswineshop and put together a mixed case of anything you're after.

Until then, 

Gavin & Amy